VEM VET (translated from Swedish) means "who knows?". Who knows what you want to be this morning standing at the open wardrobe? Our brand clothes provides unlimited opportunities for combining. What is the process of creation for us ? These are templates, checked by us, perfectionism in manufacturing, natural or qualitative synthetic fabrics, thoroughness when choosing accessories. But first is the creation of feelings and impressions. Impressions, that clothes makes on you and on those who are nearby. Relatives and strangers. First impression. We have only seven seconds to make a first impression on a stranger. And it is difficult to change it then. All of us want to be himself, be unique. To perceive us as we are. Clothes don’t make you. But it can emphasize your dignity. Only when you are confident, confident in how you look, when you are comfortable - you become a real you. Our garment gives it feeling. Feel it. And who knows ...)